IV Vitamin Drips

Benefits of intravenous vitamin infusion:

  1. Receiving these key nutrients through IV therapy enhances their absorption, delivering them directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the need to be digested and then absorbed.
  2. Nearly all our vitamin treatments are water soluble. That means your cells can only hold what they need and any amount in excess is eliminated in the urine; no toxicity, no build up and very safe for you.
  3. With the additional number of vitamins and minerals in your bloodstream all the cells in your body can operate more efficiently. Think - just like the choosing the expensive gas on the right of the pump

Immunity Boost ($169)

  • Living in a big metropolitan city where our busy "on the go" lifestyle can challenge and stress our bodies and immune systems. Compound that with skipping a meal, eating from your car and drive thru, poor sleep habits, not enough exercise, and work/family stress. Now your immune system must work harder to keep you protected.
  • The Immunity Boost defends against infection, improves healing time, and reduces the duration of illness.
  • The custom blend is formulated to maximize the immune response of your body and protect it, so you can keep enjoying life. It contains 5grams of Vitamin C and 50mg of Zinc, both are critical to help defend your body from microbes and strengthen your body's response to invaders.
  • Include 1000mg of Glutathione, the Master Antioxidant, to give your body an even bigger boost to immunity, enhance detoxification and reduce oxidative damage.

Beauty Bag ($169)

  • Dr. John Myers pioneered the use of this vitamin blend in the '60s as the "Gold Standard" of vitamin therapy.
  • The Myers Blend is a perfect starter treatment for maintaining wellness, reducing fatigue, enhancing sports performance. It helps to alleviate stress, reduces chronic pain & migraines. The Myers blend is very helpful to improve asthma, allergies, and many inflammatory illnesses.
  • This standard blend includes Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Gluconate, B-Complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6), B12 and Vitamin C.
  • Depending on your experience with vitamin infusions and degree of illness you may choose either a low dose or high dose Myers blend.
  • All the things that contribute to the outward appearance of ageing involve the micro changes in our skin. Ageing, stress, illness, nutritional deficiencies, and lack of sleep cause the skin to lose its natural elasticity and youthful luster. The natural decline of collagen in the first few layers of skin (epidermis) makes us all feel the effects of time and gravity.
  • The Beauty Blend is formulated to fortify hair, skin, and nails, reduces wrinkles and quenches-tired skin. It helps to boost collagen production, stimulating hair growth and fortify keratin infrastructure.
  • This custom blend includes Vitamin C, B - Complex, Biotin and Folic Acid.
  • If you have a very busy lifestyle with little time to properly recover and rest, low energy levels can feel like a normal part of your life.
  • The Energy Blend is formulated to restore energy, boost metabolism, and get you back to feeling energized naturally.
  • This custom blend contains B complex, B12, amino acids and will restore proper fluid balance.

In addition to any of our formulated blends you may add on additional treatments to create a +Plus vitamin blend.

Glutathione ($20)
  • Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that's made in the body's cells. Its levels decrease as a result of aging, stress, and toxin exposure. Boosting glutathione provides many health benefits, including reduction of oxidative stress, metabolism, and immunity.
B12 ($25)
  • B12 as an IM injection is a quick and easy way to boost energy, stimulate red blood cells and increase your metabolism. Can be added to an infusion treatment or just a quick shot in the arm.
Toradol ($20)
  • A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), Toradol works quickly for lingering aches and pains associated with injury, soreness that comes with illness and headaches. Toradol can be given as an injection or included with your infusion blend.
Zofran ($20)
  • For some people nausea comes along with illness and stress. Zofran was designed for stopping nausea associated with chemotherapy treatment so think how well it will work for you.

PMS Blend ($169)

  • For many women, monthly cycles can be harsh or too intense to enjoy life, be active and handle the demands of daily life. Nutritional deficiencies can amplify the uncomfortable symptoms around your cycle. Anemia (low hemoglobin) can often compound this with feelings of fatigue, headache, and sleeplessness.
  • The PMS Blend is formulated to boost your mood, help reduce symptoms of bloating, irritability, abdominal discomfort, lower back pain.
  • This custom blend includes Calcium Chloride, Magnesium, B complex, and B12.

Hangover ($149)

  • Anyone who has had one or two more drinks past the reasonable time to stop knows the price that is paid the next day. A combination of dehydration, alcohol metabolites, low blood sugar and poor sleep will arrive on your doorstep as nausea, fatigue, headache, body aches and mental fog.
  • The Hangover Blend is formulated to rehydrate & detoxify your body. It fights nausea, reduces inflammation and fatigue.
  • Strategically using this vitamin blend BEFORE celebrating is just as effective and less painful the morning after a big event.
  • This rescue blend contains 1liter of saline, B-complex, minerals and Zofran.

Energy ($129)

Performance ($169)

  • Anyone that trains hard looking for peak results or wants to boost themselves past a plateau can find the key strategy with this vitamin infusion.
  • The Performance Blend will decrease recovery time, enhance athletic performance, reduces inflammation, and replenish essential nutrients.
  • This custom blend contains Vitamin C, B complex, Amino Acids and a Mineral Blend of magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, and selenium.

Surgical Blend ($199)

  • After any injury, either surgical or accidental, your tissues begin repair immediately. Like a cellular construction crew breaking down damaged areas and building new replacement parts. This healing process takes lots of raw materials.
  • The Surgical Blend speeds up wound healing, decreases the oxidative stress of surgery, increases energy, and builds up immunity.
  • This custom blend is formulated with Vitamin C, B Complex, Biotin, Amino Acids and a Mineral Blend of magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, and selenium.

High Dose Vitamin C - 25grams ($149)

  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) is a powerhouse of healing, capable of boosting immunity, scavenging, and neutralizing free radical oxidation from severe illness, infection, cancer, and chemotherapy treatment. It has been shown to boost the effectiveness of cancer treatments and improve life quality while undergoing cancer treatment.
  • High dose Vitamin C can only be achieved by intravenous infusion. The GI tract cannot adequately absorb this level of ascorbic acid.
  • The High Dose Vitamin C Blend can be increased up to 100grams, each 25grams additionally is $49.
  • This custom blend is formulated with Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate and Magnesium.


Myers ($149 - $169)

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