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The Link Between Health & Nutrition and Ketamine Treatment

Dec 14, 2020 4:36:54 PM

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Increasing evidence suggests that chronic systemic inflammation plays a major role in depression. Mental health can be impacted by the overactivity of your immune system in ways you may not be aware. Keep reading to discover the link between your health & nutrition and ketamine treatment.

Inflammation is your body's response to illness or injury and can be chronic in nature. Inflammation is associated with medical conditions like diabetes, cancer, arthritis and autoimmune disorders. This can also result from a sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, diabetes, poor gut health, stress, and lack of sleep.

The Link Between Chronic Inflammation and Depression

Watch the following video in which Dr. Rhonda Patrick presents an eye-opening and informative description of the link between chronic inflammation and depression.


Nutrition, Mental Health, and Depression

In regards to mental health and depression, one of the most overlooked component of optimal health is nutrition. What we consume plays a crucial role in our physical, mental, and emotional health. There has been little emphasis on a healthy diet as a treatment option for depression. What we consume plays a significant role in our physical health, but most importantly, in our mental and emotional health.

So, how does our diet link to depression? Studies show that people who consume refined carbs, sugar, and processed meats often have higher rates of depression. The belief is that this occurs due to poor gut health from processed foods not agreeing with the bacteria in your gut. The consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grains allows us to maintain a better gut health and good levels of the nutrients that our bodies need.

Choose Optimal Health

Let's be honest, changing your eating habits can be difficult! This is especially true when most of us turn to comfort (junk) foods when we are down. These sugary, comforting foods can give you that quick fix, but ultimately can lead to bad dietary habits. 

Making the choice to eat healthy foods allows your body to function optimally. In severe depression cases, treatments such as antidepressants or ketamine infusions may still be prescribed. Small but positive changes in your diet will only enhance the benefits of any depression treatments. 

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