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What's All the Buzz About IV Nutritional Therapy

Jul 29, 2020 11:41:30 AM

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It is likely that you've recently heard the buzz about IV Nutritional Therapy from a friend or read about it somewhere. IV Nutritional Therapy has had a rise in popularity the past few years. But what exactly is IV Nutritional Therapy? Is it safe and is it for you? We have a quick guide on everything you need to know about IV Nutritional Therapy.


IV Nutritional therapy is an infusion of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients delivered directly into the blood stream. This is the most powerful and effective way to deliver these nutrients.

Through IV Nutritional Therapy, you are getting the highest percentage of nutrients delivered directly into your blood stream, which means you're bypassing the digestive system all together.

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As we age, we become more nutritionally deficient. Our bodies can become less able to absorb nutrients through the stomach and intestines. IV Nutritional Therapy is a great way to get essential nutrients quickly and effectively through an 100% absorption rate. 

IV nutritional therapy provides a powerful way to assist the body at a cellular level, be more efficient, and also repair itself from the toxic environment that we live in. This form of treatment can help you to quickly fight the effects of free radicals and other toxins we experience daily.

Your treatment will be customized to fit your individual needs. Together, we will determine which vitamins and minerals should be administered in order to see and feel desired results.

Whether you're trying to fight back against an illness, training to run a marathon, detoxifying your body after vacation or a night out, or just fighting the effects of aging, IV Nutritional Therapy provides you with a natural alternative to achieve optimal health and functionality.


During an IV Nutritional Therapy session, the vitamins and nutrients will slowly drip from the bag into the IV line and enter your bloodstream. Sessions will take approximately 45 to 60 minutes to administer, depending on the type of therapy you’ve chosen. 

Does IV Nutritional Therapy Really Work and HOW is it Beneficial?

"But does it actually work? Is it worth it?"

This is a legitimate question behind any new procedure.

Roughly, more than half of Americans live in a constant state of dehydration. A lot of those people go through the day and don’t take in as much water as they should – instead, are filling up on caffeine or sugary drinks.

Yes, it's important to drink water every day, but realistically, sometimes it just doesn't happen. We all know the benefits of drinking enough water, but let's be honest, sometimes that cup of coffee gets picked up before the glass of water. 

Yes, it actually works! The solution, IV Nutritional Therapy, is immediate and effective. IV therapy can help hydrate you, along with replenishing any nutrients you may be low on. There are quite a few people who have vitamin deficiencies. 

IV therapy can treat a wide range of other issues, such as, but not limited to, chronic depression, migraines, weight loss issues, sinusitis, and various respiratory problems.


How Often Can You Get IV Therapy?

The frequency of IV Nutritional Therapy sessions will vary.  Many will experience immediate results, but initially a series of multiple IV therapy sessions, with monthly follow-up treatments may help to achieve maximum benefits.The consultation and evaluation with our medical professional can help determine how often you should receive IV therapy.

Whether you’re needing a simple and effective way to hydrate and replenish necessary nutrients, or looking for a hangover fix after a night of partying, IV Nutritional Therapy is easy, accessible, and can be tailored to exactly what you need.


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