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IV Therapy is Instrumental When Getting Aesthetic Surgery

Sep 1, 2020 12:28:14 PM

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Are you going in for a procedure or operation soon? Preparing your body for surgery is highly important. We are partnering with Dr. Carlos Farias at Ilumaforma to help you experience complete wellness! Feel good from the inside out by taking advantage of our dual promotion. 

Keep reading to learn how proper vitamin supplementation, through IV Therapy, can help you achieve a pleasant surgical experience and rapid recovery.

IV Therapy for AESTHETIC Surgery

Proper nutrition prior to your procedure is vital to a healthy recovery, in addition to following your surgeon’s instructions. Nutrient deficiencies can alter immune response, delay wound healing, and lengthen your recovery time. 

The good news is that this can all be avoided with proper vitamin supplementation before and after surgery with pre/postoperative IV Therapy treatments!

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As a part of our partnership with IlumaForma, we're teaming up to provide you ultimate wellness on the inside and out. 

At AyaFusion, we're offering a 25% discount for our Immunity IV therapy treatment to ensure a smooth, surgical experience followed by quick healing and recovery. 

IlumaForma is providing botox at $8/unit to help you look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside.

Why You May Need IV Therapy

Without proper nutrition, the body is not adequately equipped for healing and protection against infections and illnesses.

This is critical after a major surgery because poor nutrition can slow down healing and patients are left vulnerable to infections and other possible surgical complications.

Thankfully, our IV therapy treatments are well-suited for aesthetic  procedures! 

How Surgery patients benefit from IV Therapy

IV therapy can provide optimal vitamin supplementation for patients before and after their surgery to improve the body’s ability to recover. Patients who are at a higher risk of complications, such as those who are diabetic, obese, overweight, or poorly nourished, can significantly benefit from IV therapy. 

Immune response

Nutrient deficiencies not only delay wound healing, but they also leave patients vulnerable to complications and a lengthy recovery process because of decreased immune response.

Restore Your Body

Restoring essential nutrients through IV therapy reduces free radicals caused by anesthesia and surgery and also improves the immune system response so that patients have reduced swelling, less bruising, and better wound healing.

Helping your body function at peak efficiency helps to prevent infection, reduce bleeding, and even minimize scarring. Micronutrients like zinc and vitamin B6 are essential to immune response and should be replaced before surgery.

Pre and Post operative IV hydration treatments ensure maximum absorption directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the stomach and enhancing your immune system for peak performance of your body’s healing mechanisms during and after surgery.

Wound Healing

The role of vitamin C in surgery recovery is essential in wound healing. Collagen cannot be formed without enzymes that have a co-factor of vitamin C. Therefore, vitamin C is essential for the body to heal. If there is a deficiency, the process is delayed, and in some cases, stopped altogether.

Slower wound healing also produces bad scarring. Vitamin C is known to be one of the few effective factors in improving scar appearance. We, human beings, lack the ability to store vitamin C, so constant replenishment is important for everyday nutrition but critical during wound healing.


IV therapy can support your body and help you achieve the best possible outcome with minimal scarring and a fast recovery after aesthetic surgery!


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