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Rejuvenate Inside and Out

We're partnering together to help you experience wellness to the absolute full! Feel good from the inside out by taking advantage of our dual promotion.

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Immunity Drip IV

Get 25% an Immunity IV therapy to help rejuvenate your immune system!


At just $8 per unit, get Botox to fine-tune your outside to match how you feel on the inside!

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Your Wellness Is Our Priority

At both AyaFusion and IlumaForma, how you feel about yourself is why we get up every morning! From feeling beautiful on the outside to having your health and well being improve on the outside, we ensure that our clients see radical results.

We're partnering together to provide a new level of care with you as our focus.

Read more about how IV therapy and aesthetic surgery work together!

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Aesthetic Surgery

We're committed to providing the highest quality, world-class elective cosmetic surgery and medicine for our patients.



Wellness Clinic

Our mission is to relieve suffering by supporting you and bringing healing to all areas of physical, mental, and emotional health.

Ketamine. Safe and Effective.

Randomized controlled trials since 2000 have shown rapid improvement in mood as well as a reduction in suicidality compared to people who were given a placebo or another drug. Ketamine has been increasingly prescribed as an off-label treatment for various chronic treatment-resistant conditions, such as depression, alcohol and other substance dependencies, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and other psychiatric diagnoses.

Uniquely Different

It is uniquely different from other psychotropic medications by its quick onset, often producing transient relief in as soon as a few hours. Ketamine’s dissociative effects allow the mind to “pause” ones habitual and ruminative thinking patterns. This provides a space for creating new ways of feeling and thinking that can facilitate a profound transpersonal experience.

Backed by Research

Clinical trials consistently show a 70% success rate with this low dose approach. You may require booster infusions as time passes. These single “booster infusions” are given at varied intervals for the same 40-60 minute duration, but are single infusions rather than in a series.

Please note that Ketamine Therapy is not a standalone treatment.  It is best applied as part of a comprehensive recovery or wellness plan. We will request a referral from your mental health provider; or if you do not have one, you have the option of beginning an assessment phase with our one of our team members before beginning Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.

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